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OH MY where do I start.   I met Greg in 1987 at an Apt Complex where I became Manager.  Greg, Ramsey and Gregs old girlfriend lived 2 doors from me.  I got a big kick out of our first meeting.  Greg and Ramsey were trying to be so quit, as they had a new Manager...ME
They were trying to make a good impression.  When I introduced my self to Greg, I was braging about My Son Greg, and what a ass kickin Guitar player he was.   Hatch looked at me and in his mind, he was saying YEA RIGHT.  Then he met my Greg and next thing I knew the 2 Greg's became roomates.  Then after Hatch heard my Greg play the Guitar, they started a Band.  After that Hatch always referred to my Greg as the Best Guitar player he ever knew.  Hatch became part of our Family real Fast.  I ran a PARTY COMPLEX.  There were only 20 units.  16 of those units were my family and friends.  We had a Hell of a Party there all the time.  When Greg was in Jail, who did he call.....Right    Motherjuggsss.   I was well known on KNAC 105.5 Radio  Pure Rock Station.  I still to this day sign autographs.  We had so much fun.  I miss you so much Greg.  You are forever in my HEART.   Love   Motherjuggsss
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