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motherjuggsss MY SON, MY SON July 17, 2008
                  MY  SON,  MY  SON
MY SON, MY SON,  where have you gone?
You meant so much to me...
This World I know, was not for you,
You left so suddenly...
You had a wife and 2 children, 
You left them all behind...
Including Mom , lot of Friends and Me,
What a terrible crime...
You've left a hole in all our Hearts,
We miss you tremendously...
My Greg, My Greg, I know its true,
I'll see you in Eternity.
This is the POEM I wrote for Greg.  It has currently
has been Printed in a Book called....COLLECTED  WHISPERS, 
This poem has also been around the World.  I hope you enjoy it. 
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